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University of Iowa Photography Club Meetings & Events for Spring 2014


The following announcement is from Xiang Chen of the UIPC.

* * *

25 January 2014


Hope you guys enjoyed your first week of school! Photography club will be starting up very soon. Please vote on regular meeting times for this semester. Meetings generally run for 1 hour. Be sure to click show all options on the poll, and please select all times that you can attend! The specific dates are only applicable to the first meeting and subsequent meetings will be run on a bi-weekly schedule.


The first meeting time will be decided by the poll above. During this meeting, we will breifly introduce the club and then move on small group discussions on works of photography. This will be casual discussion and will let you get to know a few of the members! If you want to share your work as well, please send photos to uiphotoclub@gmail.com ASAP so we can get them printed.

We will also send out a survey soon to get some feedback and ideas for the club.

Finally we have a few photographer requests coming up! If you’re at all interested, please contact me and we’ll get a group organized to go shoot together! These are welcome to photographers of all levels and will let you find out what it’s like to shoot at events. I will likely attend both events.



Our New Request a Photographer Form



We now have a new form for those wanting to request a photographer for an event. It will make it easier for those who contact us about photography for events or special projects.

Click here to view the Photographer Request Form.

Let us know if  you think there’s anything else that should be added to the form.

Thanks for your ongoing support of the Iowa City Photographers Guild!

Greg Johnson, Facilitator

What inspired the creation of the Iowa City Photographers Guild?


In helping others understand the goals and mission of the Iowa City Photographers Guild, I thought it would help to share the story behind its creation.

Over ten years ago, I created ResourcesForLife.com as a single website to serve as home for a variety of activities and interests; including my pro-bono photography work, mostly with an emphasis on travel photography, photography as art, and creating stock photos for use with web and print content.

For many years, it was adequate to keep my photography interests under the ResourcesForLife.com umbrella. While I do some professional / paid work, much of the photography I do is simply for the love of photography.

In 2010, as WordPress.com became a more formidable hosting service, I began using it for my website customers with great success. I also started launching independent websites for my various interests (computers, web design, photography, music, wellness, etc.). As a born collaborator with a desire to cooperate with and help others, I decided to launch some websites that would be broader than my own personal work and feature the works of others. These are separate from my own personal professional websites. Here are some examples:

  • inspiring-music-videos.com – Through this site I’ve made some really wonderful connections with other local and global musicians.
  • iowacitycomputersupport.com – Having met and worked with many of the local computer support providers, I decided to setup this site as a local directory and help line. I regularly take phone calls and respond to emails to help customers find a match for their support needs. It’s appreciated by customers as well as the support providers. Although I’m a computer support provider, 95 out of 100 calls that come in I typically forward on to someone else.
  • iowacityjewelry.com – With a desire to help promote downtown retail businesses, and having been impressed with the quality jewelry stores we have in downtown Iowa City, I setup this site.
  • iowacitywebsitedesigners.com – Through this website I’m happy to have established friendships with many of our local website developers.
  • supershrinkme.com – This website still has some growing to do, but the goal is to provide a website where people can share their wellness journeys through their own 120-day lifestyle transformations.

So, it’s in the spirit of these other sites that I launched the Iowa City Photographers Guild website. I’d already been attending local photo walks and meeting with local photographers. My belief was that a more formal organization could help facilitate greater collaboration in our area — and it has. To date, we’ve had many local photographers join the group and connect in some way.

With regard to collaboration, I’d been most inspired by the efforts of Valerie Duvick who began working with other startup photographers and helping promote their work. Photography can be a competitive business, but Valerie Duvick helped create an atmosphere of cooperation. We have some of her videos here on the ICGP website. These videos are an inspiring example of how when we work together, we can be more than if we work in competition with each other.

Since starting the ICGP, I’ve helped setup websites for many local photographers and helped promote their work. I’ve advertised for them here on the website and elsewhere. Most of this I’ve done without any charge. My passion has been to help promote lesser known photographers who might otherwise have a difficult time being discovered.

I hope you’ll join with the ICGP and support the spirit of collaboration and cooperation among photographers in the Iowa City area.

~ Greg Johnson

ICPG Newsletter for June 2012

Hi Photo Friends,

Welcome to the first ICPG newsletter. I don’t know how frequent these will be, but I’ll try to post news updates quarterly unless things get busy.

ICPG Meeting. I’ve setup an online survey to determine what days and times best work for our next meeting, as well as what location people prefer:

ICPG Promotion. It would be wonderful if you could help spread the word about the ICPG to those you know who are also into photography. Even if they just “Like” the Facebook page for now, that’s a help.

ICPG Photographer Introductions. I was really inspired recently to watch some of the videos that Valerie Duvick posted on her WordPress blog (Photography Faux Pas), so I embedded those into some posts on the ICPG site with links back to Valerie’s website. The videos introduce local photographers, which got me thinking it would be nice to do more videos like that — interviews with local photographers talking about what they do.

ICPG Photographer Directory Listing. I created a page on the ICPG website listing some local photographers. I probably missed some. Please let me know of anyone else that should be listed.

Your Photos Needed for ICPG Website. I’d like to start using and featuring the photographs of local Iowa City photographers on the ICPG website. Each post (article/document) on this website needs one or more photos. Feel free to submit any photos you’d like to see featured on the site. You will, of course, get photo credit and links back to your site as well as broad promotions through various social networks including Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Curbly, and more.

I welcome any feedback and suggestions about all of the above.

Many thanks to all of you who are supporting the ICPG.


Greg Johnson
ICPG Facilitator


Website Launch

On 29 February 2012, the Iowa City Photographers Guild launched the website for the organization.