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Photographer Jason Matias Visiting Iowa from mid-March to mid-April 2014


Photographer Jason Matias of Hawaii will be in Iowa for about a month starting in mid-March 2014, and is interested in connecting with local photographers. In 2013, Jason Matias was recognized as the RAW Honolulu Photographer of the Year. His website and Facebook page showcase some of his work. For 2013, Jason created a Top Ten Photos of 2013 gallery of photos along with “the making of” videos showing his technique and methods.

Here’s a personal note from Jason Matias to those in Iowa who might be interested in meeting, visiting, and possibly collaborating. Those interested, can contact Jason directly.

Update: “My trip to Iowa is set. In staying in a cabin in Huntsville from March15-April13. It’s a ways from Iowa City but I can travel.” (14 February 2014)

Aloha all. I’m going to be in Iowa for about a month started mid March. If anyone is interested in shooting, collaborating, workshops, Photo Shop, Let me know! I definitely want to capture the spirit of Iowa. ~ Jason (28 January 2014)


The video below provides an introduction to Jason and his work.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yirY5h19L8?rel=0]

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Here’s an inspiring Facebook post from Jason about his current experience with photography.

“I used to call myself an “adventurist.” When I was in the Air Force in Alaska I would take myself on long back country hikes and come home with great stores and no proof; so I purchased a camera.

Fast forward eight years and I am a civilian living in Hawaii pressed by the technical barriers of my Canon G12. I finally take the plunge and invest in a ‘real’ camera.

Finally, I have the opportunity to capture light in the way I have been imagining it.

Since November last year I have found that the boundaries of what I considered plausible have become benchmarks in a developing portfolio I dare to call my career.

My goal is to become both a gallery artist and a commercial photographer like a combination of Peter Lik and Eric Alamas.

I want to capture beauty, create beauty, and inspire beauty. I want to captivate, and engage; to learn, teach and learn from teaching. I think that these qualities are what professionals and a leaders aspire to and develop for.

I also think that these are the values I have towed with me since adopting the core values of the Air Force, specifically “Excellence In All We Do.”

I deeply appreciate this opportunity to work hard on this dream and am grateful that you have spent a few moments to read about me.

Jason (18 January 2014)

Iowa City Event Photographer Needed for 27 September 2012

Please contact us if you can assist with the request below. Thanks!

Date: 27 September 2012

Time: 8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

“We need a photographer to capture photos as we capture footage for a video to be posted on my client’s website. The shoot is going to take place at a range of locations around Iowa City – including Mark Twain School, Crestview Nursing Home, a local library and a residence. It should last from about 8:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. on Thursday, though it may end a bit earlier.”

Ceramic Artist Seeks Local Iowa City Photographer for Portfolio Photos of Artwork

A local Iowa City ceramic artist is seeking a studio photographer to create some high quality photographs of completed projects to be included in a portfolio of works. The photo above is an example of the style and quality desired.

The artist can provide studio space to take the photos, or could transport the art to a location provided by the photographer.

There are about seven individual pieces as well as a few vases and cups that could be photographed in a series.

Anyone interested in this project should use the contact form found on this website and we’ll forward your information to the artist.