Hi Photo Friends,

Welcome to the first ICPG newsletter. I don’t know how frequent these will be, but I’ll try to post news updates quarterly unless things get busy.

ICPG Meeting. I’ve setup an online survey to determine what days and times best work for our next meeting, as well as what location people prefer:

ICPG Promotion. It would be wonderful if you could help spread the word about the ICPG to those you know who are also into photography. Even if they just “Like” the Facebook page for now, that’s a help.

ICPG Photographer Introductions. I was really inspired recently to watch some of the videos that Valerie Duvick posted on her WordPress blog (Photography Faux Pas), so I embedded those into some posts on the ICPG site with links back to Valerie’s website. The videos introduce local photographers, which got me thinking it would be nice to do more videos like that — interviews with local photographers talking about what they do.

ICPG Photographer Directory Listing. I created a page on the ICPG website listing some local photographers. I probably missed some. Please let me know of anyone else that should be listed.

Your Photos Needed for ICPG Website. I’d like to start using and featuring the photographs of local Iowa City photographers on the ICPG website. Each post (article/document) on this website needs one or more photos. Feel free to submit any photos you’d like to see featured on the site. You will, of course, get photo credit and links back to your site as well as broad promotions through various social networks including Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Curbly, and more.

I welcome any feedback and suggestions about all of the above.

Many thanks to all of you who are supporting the ICPG.


Greg Johnson
ICPG Facilitator