20141009th-mike-dieter9 October 2014


I am Mike Dieter, a retired Des Moines commercial photographer.

All of my camera and some lighting equipment has been sold
and now it’s time to give my remaining equipment a new life.

A general list follows:

  1. Tungsten Lighting:  Lowel and Photogenic with case and replacement lamps.
  2. Light stands: Bogen, Calumet, Mole Richardson, Manfrotto.
  3. Calumet Reflector and Diffuser Set: portable & foldable for studio and location with case.
  4. Canon 550EX:  E-TTL Speedlite Set of 3 with case.
  5. Some camera cases:  F64, Lightware & Misc.
  6. Camera Stand Head: Mejestic 1600 Geared Tripod Head.
  7. Boom Arms and Stand set:  Mole Richardson, Tekno Stands, with Soft Case.
  8. Soft Boxes:  4 Photoflex.
  9. Tripod:  Silk Pro with 909 Head and 10” extension for center post.
  10. Speedotron Strobe Set:   Two 2403CX Power Packs,  4  202VF Lights, Air Cases & Extras.
  11. Light Stands:  Bogen Set of 4 with Case.
  12. Zoom Spot Strobe:  Speedotron  2400ws Focusing Spot Light & 16 Gobo set.
  13. Focusing Strobe Spot:  8” Strand Strobe Focusing Spot Light.
  14. Boom Stand:  Bogen 420 Manfrotto 12 ft Heavy Boom Stand with Sand Bag.
  15. Soft Boxes:  Chimera Soft Box Set of 3 with Speed Rings for Speedotron Lights.

All of this equipment is in very good working condition, clean and well cared for by me.

I am the original owner and only user of all of this equipment.

If you have interest in any of the above send me an email and I will send you a complete list with asking prices.