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Month: October 2014

Photography Equipment for Sale

20141009th-mike-dieter9 October 2014


I am Mike Dieter, a retired Des Moines commercial photographer.

All of my camera and some lighting equipment has been sold
and now it’s time to give my remaining equipment a new life.

A general list follows:

  1. Tungsten Lighting:  Lowel and Photogenic with case and replacement lamps.
  2. Light stands: Bogen, Calumet, Mole Richardson, Manfrotto.
  3. Calumet Reflector and Diffuser Set: portable & foldable for studio and location with case.
  4. Canon 550EX:  E-TTL Speedlite Set of 3 with case.
  5. Some camera cases:  F64, Lightware & Misc.
  6. Camera Stand Head: Mejestic 1600 Geared Tripod Head.
  7. Boom Arms and Stand set:  Mole Richardson, Tekno Stands, with Soft Case.
  8. Soft Boxes:  4 Photoflex.
  9. Tripod:  Silk Pro with 909 Head and 10” extension for center post.
  10. Speedotron Strobe Set:   Two 2403CX Power Packs,  4  202VF Lights, Air Cases & Extras.
  11. Light Stands:  Bogen Set of 4 with Case.
  12. Zoom Spot Strobe:  Speedotron  2400ws Focusing Spot Light & 16 Gobo set.
  13. Focusing Strobe Spot:  8” Strand Strobe Focusing Spot Light.
  14. Boom Stand:  Bogen 420 Manfrotto 12 ft Heavy Boom Stand with Sand Bag.
  15. Soft Boxes:  Chimera Soft Box Set of 3 with Speed Rings for Speedotron Lights.

All of this equipment is in very good working condition, clean and well cared for by me.

I am the original owner and only user of all of this equipment.

If you have interest in any of the above send me an email and I will send you a complete list with asking prices.




Homecoming Parade Photo Event

The following is an announcement from the University of Iowa Photography Club.


7 October 2014 @ 6:57 PM

We’re going to be photographing the homecoming parade this Friday! We will meet at Java House (211 E Washington St) at 5:10 and then go off. Click here for details.

This round of the photo contest will be ending this Sunday! It’s ending early because we’re changing the program. Make sure you submit a photo as well as vote! There are some great pictures up there. You can find the contest on our Facebook page (not the group page). Currently you can only do one submission per person but that will change.

See you guys there!


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